Kid's Pokemon Cards Were Stolen, What This Cop Did Was Awesome

Kid's Pokemon Cards Were Stolen, What This Cop Did Was Awesome


I collected. You collected.

This kid had all his cards stolen, and one awesome police officer did something, well…awesome, lol.

From Reddit:

Yesterday my partner and I met this young man, named Bryce. His Pokemon cards were taken right out of his hands from another boy. We were able to retrieve most of his Pokemon cards and spoke with the other boys parents. Bryce was still upset because some of his cards were still missing. So last night after my shift I found some of my old Pokemon cards in the closet when I was a young boy and brought them to work. Bryce was ecstatic to see all of his new Pokemon cards and stated he loves the police. We spoke with Bryce’s family and stated they have 2 Uncles that are also Cleveland Police Officers in the 3rd and 5th District. Anything we can do to put a smile on a citizens face, is a job well done in our book.


Police officers quite arguably have the toughest jobs in the entire world, and they deserve our utmost respect.

Kudos to this cop who stood up for this little boy.

I applaud thee!

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