NFL Wide Receiver Graduates College 13 Years Later

NFL Wide Receiver Graduates College 13 Years Later

Hockey is by far my favorite sport. I started playing when I was a little kid, and I still get out on the ice whenever possible.

However, my second favorite sport is probably football. I love futbol, but I’m talking about American football.

Since I grew up in Arizona, I’m partial to the Arizona Cardinals.

Here’s an awesome story about Larry Fitzgerald, one of the greatest wide receivers to ever play the game, and how he finally graduated college after 13 years.

From ESPN:

Larry Fitzgerald added another honor to his already prolific resume on Saturday.

College graduate.

The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver graduated Saturday from the University of Phoenix, majoring in communications and minoring in marketing. It was the end of an educational odyssey that has taken more than a decade since he enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh in 2002.

Fitzgerald left Pitt after his sophomore season and was drafted third overall in 2004 by the Cardinals. While he put college on hold to pursue his NFL career, Fitzgerald never forgot the promise he made to his mother, Carol.

Way to keep your promise, Larry!

To all you college-aged kids out there, just remember that education is key.

I may not have gone to college myself, but I wish I had.

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