Real Life 'Good Will Hunting' Goes from Janitor to Graduate at School He Cleaned

Real Life 'Good Will Hunting' Goes from Janitor to Graduate at School He Cleaned

Who’s seen the Matt Damon movie Good Will Hunting?

One of my favorites.

The story is about a brilliant janitor who can solve math problems better than anyone else in the world being discovered by a famed mathematician.

This reminded me of that…

From WaPo:

When Michael Vaudreuil’s college classmates were in the library studying together at night, he was wiping down chalkboards and picking up their trash.

But this weekend, donning a black cap and gown, he stood with them not as a 54-year-old college custodian but as a fellow undergraduate.

It was 2008, the year of the economic downturn, when Vaudreuil filed for bankruptcy, his house was foreclosed on and his car repossessed. His thriving 24-year plastering business had ground to a halt as the economy waned.

The only work he could find was as a night custodian at a local college. It was about a 50 percent pay cut, the work wasn’t stimulating, but the benefits were good. He decided he would take advantage of every free benefit the school offered so it would feel like he was making more money.

Nearly a decade after his life unraveled, Vaudreuil graduated on May 14 with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering. He wrote “OLD DOG HAS NEW TRICKS” on the top of his mortarboard, and on each corner inscribed a single initial: a “J” for Joyce, his wife; a “P”, for Paul, his son; and an “A” and “N” for Amanda and Nicole, his daughters.

Pretty awesome.

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